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  • Pop Up Socket Buying Guide Introduction
  • Key Consideration Factors
  • Requirements
  • Features & Functionality
  • Sizing
  • Styling
  • Longevity, Durability & Quality
  • Budget
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

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It is the 21st century. People are seeking new innovative ways to make their spaces more practical, useful and modern. This is where pop-up sockets come in. The most universal power socket products creating convenience for a lifetime. In this pop up socket buying guide we’ll go through some tips on choosing the best pop up socket for your space – whether it’s a kitchen, office or other.

V3L kitchen pop up socket

Key Consideration Factors

When a customer first comes to us asking for advice on what pop up socket is best for them, we ask them, what does this product need to achieve for you? For many customers, they are seeking easier access to power on kitchen bench-tops. In this case, what requirements need to be met? They may include:

  • Resist spills on the bench-top
  • Sit seamless and flush
  • Have wireless charging for convenient mobile device charging
  • Be white in colour to match the bench-top colour

Now that these requirements are laid out, the customer can then proceed to find the most suitable pop-up socket. This can be assisted by the team at Modern Power Solutions.

Models that suit these requirements above include: The V3CW pop-up power outlet

Features & Functionality

The features and functionality demanded in a pop-up unit are more ‘wants’ rather than the ‘needs’. Customers should consider these ‘wants’ however, factors such as budget and sizing may mean ‘wants’ are not possible to fulfil. For example, having a glass top – which makes the unit feel more premium and easier to clean. Or having USB-C fast charging ports, so mobile devices can be charged quicker. These features may not be necessary, but good to have if the budget or sizing requirements are met as a priority.


There are three key measurements for sizing a pop-up socket, they include:

  • Hole diameter – this indicates the diameter (or bulkiness) of the unit. Sizes range from 60mm up to 120mm. It’s also worth noting – the skinny units are usually taller and deeper, and the larger diameter units are shorter and shallower.
  • Length – this is the length of the unit when in the closed position. It stipulates the depth the unit will take up under the bench or tabletop. As mentioned above, the shallower units are usually the larger-diameter ones.
  • Height – The height is measured when the unit is fully extracted (open). This is important to know if you have limited height between your bench-top and overhead cupboard (note: a rare issue).


For most customers it is important the pop-up unit they choose aligns with the styling of their space. If a black or dark coloured bench-top is being installed, then a black coloured pop-up device would usually match best. Consider and take note of your kitchen styling. Most of the units available at Modern Power Solutions come in both a light colour and dark coloured variation to fit a wide variety of space styles.

Longevity, Durability & Quality

Its important to buy appliances that last the lifetime of your space. Kitchens should last 30+ years, so its important to choose a pop-up device that is durable to sustain everyday use over this time. Lower cost, or budget devices may not be as “low-cost” as they seem, especially if they break easily and need constant replacement. At Modern Power Solutions, we take this into consideration and design, test and manufacture our models to outlast a kitchens lifespan.


How much do you need to spend to buy a pop-up socket?

Pop up sockets range in price. Higher end models are better made with more functionality, including motorized lift, Qi wireless charging and fast USB-C ports. At Modern Power Solutions, our entry level V1 range is a manually lifting model but still durable and high quality for its price. We suggest aligning your purchase budget with your build.

In United Kingdom:
For customers on a tight kitchen budget (maybe a small kitchen renovation <£1,000), then we’d recommend to save budget and purchase an entry level model such as the V1 range for £50. For higher end renovations of £10,000+, then a V3 unit around ~£200 GBP would align better with the more premium functionality and design features.

In Australia:
For customers on a tight kitchen budget (maybe a small kitchen renovation), then we’d recommend to save budget and purchase an entry level model such as the V1 range for approximately $80. For higher end renovations, then a V3 unit around ~$400 AUD would align better with the more premium functionality and design features.

In the United States:
Currently, only premium options are available to US customers which include the V3 and Point Pod range. Both are top of the line. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions, please visit our dedicated FAQ page here.


We hope this page helps you in your decision making and purchase of a pop up socket. Feel free to comment below any questions to start a discussion.

Please feel free to reach out to our team if you would like more assistance in our products.

V14 pop up socket

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