Why a restocking fee?

Restocking fee

What is a restocking fee?
A restocking fee is an amount billed to the customer if they choose to return a product and receive a refund. 

This fee is intended to cover the costs associated with the original order shipping, processing the return, inspecting the item, and preparing it for resale. 

The restocking fee at Modern Power Solutions is 10% of the refund value. For example, a $50 restocking fee would apply for $500 product refund, equating to $450 net. 

Learn more about the restocking fee at Modern Power Solutions.

The restocking fee may be waived in the following circumstances:
- The customer chooses to receive the refund in the form of store credit. 
- The customer chooses to exchange the product with an alternative product. 
- There was a mistake in the description of the product.

The restocking fee is subtracted from the final refund amount to the customer. 

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