How to resolve common wireless charging issues

Wireless charging enables seamless charging of mobile devices, however, in some circumstances issues may occur. In this post we'll go through some possible things to look out for if you are experiencing issues including:

  • No charging
  • Overheating
  • Slow charging
  • Intermittent charging


Ensure your mobile phone is aligned exactly centered with the wireless charging pad. Misalignment may present issues. The wireless charging receiver is usually located in the center of the your mobile device.

No obstructions or cases

Ensure your mobile phone has no case on it, and no stickers or other obstructions between the wireless charging pad and the device. Also clean the top of the wireless charging pad and the back of your mobile device. 

Test different devices

Try charging another device, if it works, it is likely an issue with your mobile phone. If it doesn't work, then its likely an issue with the wireless charging pad. Also if possible, you can test charging your device with another wireless charging pad. This will help troubleshoot and pinpoint the root cause. 

If the issue lies with your mobile device, try restarting it. If it lies with the wireless charging pad, try restarting it too. 

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