How To Fit A Pop-Up Or Pull-Up Socket Unit Into A Kitchen Worktop

A kitchen countertop pop-up electrical outlet is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen and bring it into the modern age. Fitting your kitchen pop-up outlet does not require an electrician and can be easily undertaken by the home handyman. Providing your existing sockets are in the right location, installation will take minutes.

Selecting the right pop-up socket
You can choose to have two outlets or four outlets in the same unit coupled with USB charger points and a wireless charging top. There is also the choice between manual or automatic pop-up and pop-down functions. A browse through our range will give you all of the features of each model, including technical specifications to help you choose the appropriate kitchen worktop sockets for you.

Standard electrical outlets
The placement of your standard outlets ideally should be below counter height hidden inside the cupboards. This will give you the full benefit of the aesthetics of kitchen worktop power sockets and also the functional safety of all wiring and leads completely tucked away. Should you need to move your existing outlets, this work will need to be undertaken by a licensed electrician.

Measuring up
You will need to cut a hole in your countertop to the correct measurements for the kitchen worktop sockets you are installing. Ensure the hole is large enough to accommodate the socket but small enough for the lip of the socket to sit securely on the edge. When selecting a location for your kitchen pop-up outlet, also consider the space it requires underneath your bench to fully retract so it can sit flush with your counters when not in use.

Once you have fitted the kitchen worktop power sockets to your counter, it is a simple matter of plugging it into your standard electrical outlet, much in the same way you plug in an electrical appliance. That’s it! You are now ready to use your new kitchen countertop pop-up electrical outlet.

Benefits of installing a pop-up outlet
So now you are ready to use your outlet. You can enjoy fuss-free multiple electrical appliances at the same time as charging your phone or tablet. When your work in the kitchen is done, simply retract the outlet, and that is it. Your counter will be an uninterrupted smooth space, and your outlet will be protected from any spills or splashes that may occur*. *Applies to spill-sealed models only. 

A pop-up outlet is not just for the kitchen
Once you have experienced the convenience of a kitchen worktop socket you will be tempted to install them in other rooms. Every surface on which you use electrical goods can be converted to a pop-up. Your office desk, a side cabinet, wherever you need to plug things in. The streamlined beauty of not seeing a white box on the wall or having extension cords running across a room causing trip hazards can be achieved in any room you desire.

Having difficulties?
Should you experience any issues at all with installing or using your kitchen worktop sockets in Australia, the UK or USA, contact our friendly team, who are always available to help. We provide the best pop-up sockets for kitchen worktops and couple them with the best service levels possible. This is why we offer a buyers guide to make sure there are no surprises for our customers and even a warranty and repair service in the unlikely event that is needed.

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