How do Pop Up Sockets work?

V3L-UK Pop Up Outlet

How do pop-up sockets work?

Pop-up sockets are a type of power outlet that work using a retractable mechanism. This enables them to be hidden flush within a bench-top when not in use, but easily brought up when required.

Note! The images shown on this page are our UK models. We also offer US and AU variations.  

There are 3 types of lifting mechanisms to bring them up:

Manual lift up - requiring the raise and lower using your hand force.
Gas strut lift up - raises automatically with a press, but requires manual retraction to close. This is similar to an office chair lifting mechanism.
Motorized lift up - raising and lowers by the push of a button - electronically operates with a motor.

Generally speaking, the manual lift up types are the lowest cost, and simplest units. The motorized lift up models are more premium and include wireless charging functionality.

How do I install a pop-up socket?
Step 1: Bench-top hole: drill a hole in your bench-top, with the diameter according to the product specifications.
Step 2: Unscrew the locking ring around the body of the unit, and remove it altogether.
Step 3: Place the unit inside the hole in your bench-top.
Step 4: Screw back the locking ring around the body of the unit – from the under-side of the bench-top, and tighten it securely.
Step 5: Connect the unit to power by plugging it into a power socket under the bench-top.

What this youtube video for an installation demo.

What are pop-up sockets?
Pop-up sockets are electrical outlets that are designed to be hidden when not in use, and can be raised or lowered as needed. They are typically installed into a kitchen, worktop or desk, and are activated by pressing a button or pulling a lever. When the socket is not in use, it is tucked away inside the countertop, and when it is needed, it can be easily accessed and used as a normal electrical outlet.


What are the different types of pop-up sockets?

Manual lift up
Models that require manual lift operate in two ways:

  1. Use your fingers to push down on a flap, and then grab on the center stem to raise it. Example: V1 Range.
  2. Push with your fingers on the top lid to make it 'pop-up' about 2cm. Then grab this top lid to lift the unit up the rest of the way. Example: V2, V7, V8 Range.

Once the units are raised, they will lock into position at the top.

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Gas strut lift up
Models that operate with a gas strut automatically raise from the press of the top lid, but need to be re-pressurised back down into their 'closed' position

They function in a similar way to an office chair, where a gas strut is pressurised in the downward position, and is released when pushed.

The unit will then need to be re-pressurised via a firm press back down - retracting the unit.

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Gas strut lifting power outlet

Motorized lift up
A motorized lifting mechanism is the most convenient and premium method of raising a pop up power socket.

It operates by the touch of the lid - a resistive touch button under a glass lid will sense a finger press and raise/lower the unit through the use of an internal motor. For the Point Pod range, simply press anywhere on the top.

Generally while doing this, a ring of LED lights will flash to indicate the movement of the unit.

Some motorized operated models also feature Qi wireless charging, so you can place your device on the lid to charge. Note, this only applies to the V3 range.

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