Are Pop Up Sockets Good?

Pop up sockets are a great way to have convenient access to power - whether its charging your devices or powering an appliance. The ability for pop up sockets to easily retract into a bench-top (or any other surface), make them tidy, neat and very cool!


Pop up sockets have added functionality over traditional power outlets that make them superior. Features such as wireless charging, direct USB fast charging are features that are not commonly found in the standard wall outlets.

Qi wireless charging countertop socket


The ability to have easy access ports at your fingertips on your bench-top is convenient and versatile for any use case. Whether you are having friends over who need to quickly charge their device, or cooking breakfast and need to operate a few appliances - pop up sockets provide convenience for a lifetime.


The design of pop up sockets are made to be the 'wow' factor in your home or office - something unique and personal. The advanced models have a motorised lifting mechanism that raises via the touch of a button. See the V3 range for these features.

Cost Savings

Often pop up sockets can even save money. For example, if you are building your home, it can be expensive in labour costs to install wall mounted power outlets. The labour time in running cables through a cavity, and mounting outlets can add up! Pop up outlets are plug and play - so all you need is a hole in your bench and a power outlet underneath. Most people would already have power under their bench-top for appliances such as a dishwasher or microwave.

Featured: The V3L-UK

The images above show the V3L-UK model motorised pop up kitchen socket. It features Qi wireless charging on the top, two UK power outlets, two USB-A and one USB-C charging port.

To learn more about the the V3L-UK - see it here.

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