MPS pop up power points are revolutionising the way we access power in our kitchens, offices and other spaces. The days of searching for the perfect power solution are gone. Charge multiple devices simultaneously, quickly, simply and neatly VM Mainwith convenient Australian standard power points USB charging ports capable of charging most USB charging devices.

Today we feature the V3M pop up power point. Perhaps out most innovative product to date. Featuring a unique and vibrant design the MPS V3M is a world first, utilizing revolutionary technology that allows the unit to pop up and down automatically at the touch of a button. The MPS V3M is sure to set your space apart.

Product information:

Model: V3M Colour: Silver, White LED Material: Refined Hardened Scratch-Resistive PVC Plastic

Warranty: 12 Months Australian Warranty – Lifetime parts & repair service

Installation Hole Size: 100-105mm Diameter [102mm for best fit]
Space required below surface: 290mm from top of surface, 100mm in diameter

Module Configuration: 2x Australian Outlets, 1x USB charging outlets [1.05a]
Cable Length: 2.15m

Installation Instructions:
1. A hole size in the desired surface for installation is required. Check model to determine the hole size requirement. Ensure there is enough space under your installation surface, so the unit can fall freely into its hole and sit flush. Check above for model specifications.
2. Unscrew the mounting ring, feed the cable through the mounting hole, then place the unit in the hole.
3. Re-attach the mounting ring and tighten the unit to the surface. Plug the power cable into a power point.
4. The unit is ready to use!

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