The Point Pod

The Point Pod is a fully-integrated power outlet system that seamlessly blends into your bench top. It is the top of the range model of pop-up power outlet available from Modern Power Solutions.

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Its distinctive feature is its ability to sit flush & seamless within a bench-top, allowing the bench-top cut-out to be placed in the top lid providing a very discrete finish on the surface. No other model range at Modern Power Solutions has this functionality.

In addition to the cut-out insert functionality, the Point Pod is available with USB-C and USB-A 4A charging ports, and has a motorised lifting mechanism with a button on the lid - so your bench-top cutout becomes the button to raise or lower the unit.

The Point Pod range comes with 24 months warranty through Modern Power Solutions.


Point Pod is a Brisbane business that has designed, developed and manufactured a new type of pop up power outlet product that enables a bench-top cutout to be placed in the lid of the product. This means Point Pod can sit flush and seamless in a kitchen or workspace.

The Point Pod has been available in Australia since approximately 2018, and has won multiple awards including the Good Design award in 2019.

Point Pod


Note; the Point Pod is recommended to be installed by tradesperson only.

How to install the Point Pod?

  • Determine a suitable location for your Point Pod installation. Ensure there is amble free space under and above the bench-top, along with power access for the Point Pod to plug-in.
  • Use the outer ring (or collar) that comes with the Point Pod to mark the installation hole with a pencil on your bench-top.
  • Double check all measurements again to ensure your Point Pod will fit in this location.
  • Drill the hole in the bench-top of 102mm in diameter. A modified drill press clamped to your bench-top is best to ensure the accuracy and quality of the hole. For stone, it may also be useful to use a plywood template. See video above for more information.
  • Ensure the off-cut is saved from the hole drilling process. File away any imperfections on the off-cut to ensure its consistency round and smooth.
  • Silicon in place the outer ring (collar) to the hole in your bench-top. Wait for the silicon adhesive to dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Next, glue the plastic flange to the underside of your bench-top. Two part epoxy is a great adhesive for stone. Wait for the adhesive to dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Grab your Point Pod and drop it down into the hole from the top. Set the height to align with the stone and then tighten the large hose clump on the plastic flange to secure the Point Pod.
  • Connect the Point Pod to power, raise it up, then disconnect it from power.
  • Adjust the screws inside the top cup on the lid to ensure your bench-top insert fits well and flush. Once fitted well, remove it to add adhesive and secure it in position.
  • Reconnect the Point Pod to power and you are good to go!

Liquid Spills on Point Pod

One of the most common questions we get asked is what happens if I spill something on my Point Pod? Watch the video below to find out what to do:

What happens if I spill liquid over the Point Pod?

The way the Point Pod is designed and installed in the bench-top means liquid is expelled away from the unit when it is in the closed position. The mounting-flange that is installed under the bench-top has weep holes around the outside that divert liquid away from the unit. However, liquid will still need to be dried under your bench-top in the cabinets, and obviously above on your bench-top too.

Crumbs In the Kitchen with Point Pod

What happens in a messy kitchen if crumbs or other debris enter the Point Pod?

If crumbs get inside the Point Pod they will likely get pushed away through the weep holes in the Point Pod under bench-top flange. You may need to clean up these crumbs under your bench. Vacuuming these crumbs away will also help to clean.

Large crumbs that get stuck may require the unit to be disconnected, removed and turned upside down.

Watch the YouTube video demonstration above for more information.

Point Pod Safety

Is the Point Pod safe for Kitchens?

Yes, the Point Pod is designed for kitchen bench-tops with safety in mind. It is Australian certified and has been installed in thousands of Kitchens around Australia and New Zealand. See above for frequently asked questions on spills and crumbs in messy spaces.


The Point Pod is manufactured with anodised aluminium, and plastic sockets - Polyamide and ABS. The Point Pod comes with Australian warranty for 24 months, including parts and labour.

The hole size requirement for the Point Pod is 102mm with a +0.3 -0.7 tolerance. The inner cup size (that fits the bench insert) is 92mm with a +0.7mm -0.3mm tolerance. The depth required below the surface varies between the Multi and Compact models. For the Multi its 550mm depth, with the top requiring 160mm round diameter spacing and the body only 102mm.

The packaging size is 200m x 140 x 770mm for the Multi and weights 3.2kg. All Point Pods come with an 1.9m IEC cable that plugs into any Australia power outlet.

The supply voltage for the Point Pod is 110-240VAC 50Hz, with a 10A 2400w max current rating. Point Pods are fitted with an overload protector to prevent overcurrent draw. The overload reset switch is fitted on the underside of the unit.

Point Pods are only suitable for indoor use. They have an IP rating of IP44. The Australian approval number for the Point Pod is GMA-504353-EA. Point Pods are dispatched, designed and developed in Australia, and manufactured in China.

Why choose Point Pod?

You can now have access to power points and USB sockets without compromising your space design. Point Pod is an integrated and functional pop-up power outlet hidden within your bench top.

Modern, streamlined and simplistic design to blend into your bench top.
With one simple touch, the power appears from underneath your bench top.
You can access up to three power sockets and two USB ports without taking up bench or wall space.
Point Pod units can be customised to suit your design preferences and bench top specifications.

How Point Pod works?

Point Pod is installed underneath your stone or timber bench top. The product uses an electric lift, so you simply press the top of the unit, and it automatically emerges for use on the bench top.

The pop up power outlet is customisable to suit your needs. It can be orientated any way, plus it can be installed into different thicknesses of bench tops, while we offer two standard product types – Point Pod Multi and Point Pod Compact – the socket configuration can be changed to suit your needs. Custom colours are also available to replace the standard rim.

The units are designed so they can be easily replaced should they reach the end of their lifespan or need to be replaced under warranty.

Point Pod units have a 2yr Australian parts and labour warranty.

Removing or Swapping Point Pod?

Point Pod’s are designed to be easily removed and don’t need a tradesperson, please see video link below for removal guidance.


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