When designing our homes and offices, we are faced with decisions about the smallest of details as indeed it is the trifling aspects of modern spaces that set them apart.  When it comes to deciding on electrical fittings however, most people don’t look any further than the white plastic plug assuming that’s their only option.

That’s why Modern Power Solutions are revolutionising the way we access power in our kitchens, offices and other spaces.

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Recommended for: Offices / Bedrooms

It’s the finer details that set the best homes apart
There are many decisions to make when building or renovating your home or office – wall and carpet colours, tile designs, tap styles etc. It can be very time-consuming. Many people won’t even give a second thought to their electrical installations. They assume there is nothing aside from the standard white plastic wall socket. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Simple, yet ingeniously effective
At Modern Power Solutions, we are revolutionising the way people access power in their homes and offices. Through the use of innovative multi-functional units, whether its kitchen appliances or mobile devices, power & charging has never been better.

Tech Specs:

  • Model: MPS V8GSBO
  • Colour: Glossy Silver Top [Top], Silver Shell, Black Coloured Outlets
  • Top Material: Refined Hardened Scratch-Resistant PVC Plastic
  • Warranty: 12 Months Australian Warranty – Lifetime parts & repair service
  • Installation Hole Size: 60mm (+/- 5mm)
  • Space required below surface: 280mm from top of surface, 100mm in diameter
  • Module Configuration: 2x Australian Outlets (no USB)
  • Cable Length: 175cm
  • Cable Type: H05VV-F [3x 1.5mm2]
  • Plug: XH022B [250V 10A]
  • Degree Of Protection: IPX0 [against harmful ingress of water], IP2X [against access to hazardous parts and
  • against harmful ingress of solid foreign objects]
  • Rated Voltage: 240V~
  • Rated Current: 10A
  • Technical Model:V8GSBO

The MPS V8” Pop Up Power Point is simple to install. A hole with a diameter of 60mm is required in the desired installation surface. The unit can then be fitted to the hole, and plugged into a standard power point underneath the bench top surface. The unit is then ready for immediate use – No professional help required!