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Whether you’re designing your office, kitchen layout or a company boardroom, the minor details can make a practical difference to how you use your space. Rather than searching for the perfect place to install a seemingly unattractive powerpoint or a white plastic plug, automatic pop-up sockets are a transformative solution that has revolutionised the way we access power. For the best pop-up sockets with a Qi charger, Modern Power Solutions should be your go-to.

Why automatic pop-up sockets are a must-have in your home or office

Sleek, refined and extremely discreet, a pop-up plug socket with a wireless charger can power multiple devices simultaneously while offering a convenient and neat place to store USB charging ports. With the press of its lid, the handy electrical fitting can be automatically extracted out of any desktop top surface or kitchen bench — meaning you can power your cooking or electronic appliances and utensils with ease. The unit can be fitted to the hole and plugged into a standard power socket underneath a surface with a simple installation process. So, gone are the days of unappealing powerpoints crowding your space or impacting your interior aesthetic.

Useful places to install your pop-up socket with a wireless charger

If you’re a keen cook, a pop-up kitchen socket with a wireless charger is ideal. Not only can you power your appliances, but you can easily charge your mobile device, so you can browse recipes while preparing your meals. Capable of charging almost any USB device, our range of automatic pop-up sockets is also suitable for office spaces where multiple devices must be plugged and charged simultaneously. Whether it’s an office desk, kitchen bench or a side cabinet, every surface on which you use your electrical goods can be converted to a pop-up socket.

And the best part of all? No electrical work is needed to install this product.

Shop pop-up power socket with wireless chargers today at Modern Power Solutions
Rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand any environment, order our automatic pop-up sockets online today for electrical fittings that allow you to access power in any home or office space. We have a long warranty period, so if your product malfunctions, we will repair or replace it free of charge. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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