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Our affiliate program enables a person to receive commission on sales of products that they have recommended to a 3rd party. The commission amount depends on the product, quantity sold and previous affiliate sales. To apply for the Modern Power Solutions (MPS) affiliate program, please register under the tabs: Support > Affiliate Program > Apply. You will receive a email from us within 3 business days, with information on whether you have been accepted. If your application has been successful you will also be sent your login [Username and Password] so you can access the Affiliate “Access” page on our website [Support > Affiliate Program > Access]. This page will outline your “Sales Code”, along with a updated monthly list of sales that you have affiliated, with a total owing amount of profit.

How does it work?

Once your application has been approved, you will receive your login username and password. Use this information to login to our systems, and view your personal Affiliate page named “Access” found under the tabs: [Support > Affiliate Program > Access].

On this page your “Sales Code” will be available. This code must be given to your customers, and used on checkout when they purchase a product from us – typed into the ‘Coupon Code” area. This allows us to identify that the sale was brought to us from you.

The “Access” page will be updated monthly with a list of orders in which your “Sales Code” has been applied.

If your customer forgets, or for another reason, does not type in your “Sales Code” on checkout when they make a purchase, you can register to apply for commission on their purchase by submitting the “Apply for Commission on a Purchase” form available on the “Access” page under the “Affiliate Program” menu. You will receive an email notification within 3 days after your submission, of whether your application has been successful. Your commission will then automatically appear and add to your total on your personal “Access” page within that period. Please contact us via email, or phone if you have any difficulties completing this.  

20151002170856-controllers-business-people-working-papers-meetingPayment Information:

To view the list of orders you have received commission on, please visit your personal “Access” page. This page will update ~once per month. At the end of each month, your total earned commission will be transferred into the bank account of your choice via EFT transfer [Only to banks within Australia]. A transfer receipt will be added to your “Access” page.

Your current payment information which we require for transferring of all funds will be displayed on the “Access” page. Please ensure these details are kept updated on our system. Please contact us immediately if you require account changes. Please note, as we only require your account name, BSB number and account number, it is only possible for us to transfer money to you, we cannot deduct money from your account using this information. Therefore no money will ever be deducted from your nominated bank account, using the MPS affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions:

1. Registrant must

– be over the age of 18 to apply for the MPS affiliate program

– register with a bank account within Australia

– read and accept these terms and conditions before apply for MPS affiliate program

2. The “Access” page will be updated monthly, including the sales logs, and balance information

3. The balance will be paid to the users nominated bank account monthly, and the will be available on request. The “Access” page log will be updated of this change instantly.

4. Sales brought by the registrant to MPS must be made lawfully

5. Sales brought by the registrant without a “Sales Code” being typed on checkout by their customer, may be rejected for commission. The “Request commission on an order” form allows the registrant to apply for commission on orders that they believe they brought across. However, commission on these orders is not guaranteed.

6. The commission amount of a product sale may change unexpectedly without notice to the registrant. This information however will be updated as soon as possible on the registrants “Access” page.

7. MPS may remove commission on a product or group of orders brought by the registrant if the registrant is believed to have breached any of these terms and conditions, or there is sufficient evidence of unlawful behaviour.

8. The affiliate program cannot be used to apply for commission on your own orders. We will decline or remove your commission if we believe the items were purchased from you, or used for your own personal purpose.

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