Product Servicing & Repairs

Modern Power Solutions PTY LTD is a licensed electrical manufacturer & supplier in Australia, ensuring quality and safety for all users – This is a factor loved by all our clients

Every time someone uses our product, they are using a product that is produced to Australian safety standards and regulation, offering our customers the trust and security of a local company with 6 months standard Australia-wide warranty and/or $50 payment for 1 year extended warranty. Our customers deal directly with us in Australia and no complicated broken communication overseas.

All of the myBoard self-balancing scooters come with a 6-month warranty to protect you against manufacturer defects.

Any damage incurred by improper usage and/or negligence would not be covered by the warranty, however we can certainly repair any such damages for a small fee, whereby we can seamlessly organise our courier to collect the goods from your address and we will then determine the issue, Service the unit, and then return it to you within usually 3-5 Business Days.

If the device you received is defective and therefore faulty please send the faulty unit back to us, and once we get the unit/s, we will send replacements to you immediately or provide a refund. – at your discretion.

The 6-month complimentary warranty is void in the event of:

1. Improper repair and refit in other places that are not an officially approved myBoard maintenance service station.

2. Any failure and damage caused by accident and/or misuse.

3. Any failure and damage caused by fall-offs, drops and/or intentional damage

4. Any failure and damage caused by fire, earthquake, flood, chemical corrodes, lightning strike and other such natural disasters.

5. Any failure and damage caused by products that are not manufactured by Modern Power Solutions PTY PTD

6. Any failure caused by lampblack, dust, water, direct sunlight etc.

7. The serial no. on the product has been removed or altered.

Questions about the Product Warranty should be sent to us at warranty@

2015 Sydney HIA Homeshow

Homeshow Featured Image

The Sydney HIA Renovate and Build Homeshow took place at The Dome in Sydney Olympic park throughout the 23rd – 25th of October 2015. Modern Power Solutions had a stall [C01], demonstrating their range of Pop Up Power Points to Homeshow viewers. By allowing Homeshow guests to physically see, feel and use MPS’s range of products, it enabled them to visualise the products in their own home allowing them to have a greater understanding of it, before they select it for their own home

Seb, Josh and Andrew represented Modern Power Solutions this year at the HIA Homeshow

Catch Modern Power Solutions next year [2016] at the HIA Homeshow’s across Australia.