Feedback from Alex - V4S Customer

Hi Guys,

I may not be able to send you "exciting" photos to show off your product, but I thought I'll send some feedback anyway.

I have a large custom made 2300mm wide desk, that houses my work setup, laptop docking station and twin 32" monitors, as well as my personal PC.

When I set this up the thing I missed was extra PowerPoints for charging cables and at times an extra laptop requiring Ethernet connection.

Your product has been a god send to solving this with a simple clamp on product.

I initially tried to purchase this product months prior, but it was unavailable. I looked elsewhere but I'm glad I waited for your product to become available.

It was simple to install, I had a spot between the two systems where it would fit nicely, and for the photo's I removed the charging cables for neatness, but with them plugged in I have everything constantly charging at my fingertips.

I enjoy that there is both types of USB to connect too.

I have also set up only one of two possible ethernet ports to be active, does anybody need two?

My only, minor, feedback, is do you need two ethernet pass through connections due to WIFI. That said I will always go wired where possible?




Product Purchased: V4S: Desktop Outlet System w/USB, Data and Power


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