MPS Logo - 512x512Modern Power Solutions is an Australian owned business which primarily manufacturers innovative power access products and supplies them throughout Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. Since its start-up in 2006, MPS has provided a range of goods
and services to thousands of customers across Australia, and in the last 2 years, been notably successful in selling great value and high quality innovative power access units including its range of pop up power outlets, and personal transportation scooters.



Job Title: Product Developer / Web Developer / Business Developer

The purpose of this job is to add, develop and maintain products on the Modern Power Solutions website. The job will consist of the following main roles surrounding the development of a product

  1. Take professional images of the product. Sort, and edit these images accordingly, to ensure they look appealing.
  2. Document the product, features, technical specifications. Write a product description
  3. Add the product content and media to the MPS website, and other selling channels such as eBay.
  4. Create a well-designed product page about the product. Such as this example <- link
  5. Develop marketing material, such as brochures, leaflets and booklets for the product
  6. Market the product online using Google Merchant Centre, and Google Adwords.

Required Skills:

  • Advanced English speaking and literacy skills
    • Advanced english writing skills
  • Advanced general computer skills
  • Advanced graphic design skills;
    • Experienced with Adobe programs, such as photoshop & indesign
  • Experienced web design and development skills
    • Experienced with WordPress
    • Competent with HTML
    • Competent knowledge in online e-commerce
    • High level of knowledge in Google Marketing tools including
      • Google AdWords
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Merchant Center
  • Professionally skilled at photography
    • Experienced in using a DSLR camera, understand purpose of all functions
    • High level of photography studio skills, taking images, using lights etc…
    • Advanced post-production image editing skills
  • Competent product technical knowledge
    • Up to date with the latest products on the market. 
    • Competent level of market analysis
  • Competent business knowledge and understanding

Secondary Skills (not required, but preferred)

  • Software development skills
    • Software coding skills in either Java, C, or HTML
    • Application development experience (Mobile iOS/Android, PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Competent business software integrator
  • Competent product sourcing skills
    • Ability to source products from China, communicate with factories/suppliers

Apply for this position:

Prior to your interview, you will be required to complete an online examination which will test your ability on all of the topics mentioned above. If you are successful in the online examination, you will be notified to come in for an interview, where you will be interviewed and undertake a final examination in a closed room. 

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Please complete this examination to apply for this position. Once you have completed the examination, your will receive an email confirming your application. 

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