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A refreshingly different vacuum cleaner. Bagless, designed for people with allergies, pet owners and lovers of freshness.


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We have brought Europe's favourite allergen vacuum to Australia!

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ZERO dust, allergens, pollen & mites released while vacuuming!

Better quality of life for allergy sufferers! The new THOMAS allergy pure vacuum has a unique AQUA-PURE-FILTERBOX, which is filled with just one litre of water, allowing the vacuum to capture all house dusts, allergens, pollen and dust mites so only 100% pure air is released - unlike traditional vacuums. For 100% noticeably refreshed air throughout the house. This innovative technology is also actively supported by an additional HEPA 13 Filter and two pollen filters.

Other vacuums expel dust, allergens and bacteria into the air in your home

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1.  ALL air sucked through the vacuum system goes through a pool of water, & water jets. All dust, pollen, mites & allergens are captured by water molecules, allowing only fresh air to blow out of the vacuum.

2. AS all dirt & dust is captured by the pool of water inside the vacuum cleaner, when emptying, you can simply flush the water down the toilet. Therefore no dust, pollen, mites & allergens are expelled when emptying unlike regular bagless or bagged vacuums.

A bagless vacuum cleaner binding dust, pollen and odour particles in the water and even refreshing the air. 100 % noticeable."

How it works?

All the air molecules that get sucked through the vacuum system go through a jet stream of water multiple times, until all dust particles (small or large) are caught up inside the pool of water in the vacuum. This method ensures only pure air is emitted while vacuuming. 

Changing the bag or emptying the vacuum container?

Another major source of risk for allergy sufferers when vacuuming is changing the bag or emptying the tank of a vacuum cleaner.

With this new water-based vacuum cleaner system there is no danger as house dust, allergens, pollen and mites are neatly bound in the water and are poured away dust-free when emptying. 

As all the dust, pollen, allergens and mites are wet, there is no way for them to travel through the air and get caught up in our lungs!

“I can breathe again and feel healthier.”

The person vacuuming breathes 100% noticeably refreshed air and just feels more comfortable. Perfect for allergy sufferers.

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Vacuum Cleaning the Air Demonstration

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Vacuum cleaner with a water filter: The AQUA PURE FILTER BOX.

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious.

Sucked-up house dust, pollen, allergens, animal hair and odour particles are moistened with a fine spray, bound in water and then simply flushed away in the toilet, or down the sink. Dust can no longer escape into the air.

For 100 % noticeably refreshed air.

"Bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter significantly improve the quality of life for allergy sufferers, for pet lovers and for lovers of freshness."

Odour Free
Easy to Empty & Clean
1700w Powerful Motor
HEPA13 filter
Micro-exhaust air filter
Made in Germany

Included Parts & Accessories

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Purchase Today $649.95

Comes with a 30-Day No-Hassle Returns Guarantee, and 2 Years Premium Australian Warranty & Support

*Prices Includes GST and Postage within Australia

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