The V2 range of MPS Pop Up Power Points have the ability for the outlet configuration to be manufactured to custom specifications.


Currently, the standard outlet configuration of MPS Pop Up Power Points are:

– 2x Standard Australian Outlets

– 2x USB Charging Outlets

– 1x Australian Power Cable [to provide power to the GPO and USB modules]

Currently, the outlets that are available for customers include:

– HDMI [Half module]

– Cat5e RJ45 ethernet [Half module]

– 3.5mm or 6.25mm audio [Half module]

– RCA video/audio [Half module]

– Switch, for either internal or external circuit (e.g. power point or external light switch) [Full module]

– VGA [Half module]

– Australian Outlet [Full module]

– Universal Outlet [Full module]

– European Outlet [Full module]

– UK Outlet [Full module]


Customers can choose a combination of the outlets above to be fitted into their pop up power point. The amount of space each module takes up is indicated next to the outlet type above. The number of modules you choose to be fitted into the unit will determine the height of the unit. It is recommended that you choose between 2-4 modules to be manufactured into each unit.

Each module above comes fitted with a cable [~2m] to connect the module to an external device. This comes fitted along with the power cable through the bottom of the unit.

For more information on custom units, and to place orders, please contact us, or email us at


Example Order: A unit with 2x Australian Outlets, 2x USB charging outlets, 1x HDMI outlet, and 1x RJ45 Outlet:

Lead-time to manufacture: 15-25 days until delivery

Price: Depending on quantity. ~$250-$300 for 1x unit, $150-$200 for 10+ units

This V2 Pop Up Power Point will feature a single standard Australian power cable to provide power for the 2x Power Outlets, and 2x USB charging outlets. A HDMI male cable and a Cat6 male cable of length ~2m will come from underneath the unit for patching of the video and data ports on the face of the unit.