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Creative Entertainment Solutions (CES) brings you a select range of unique and versatile appliances for the entertainment industry. The category of products vary from Stage Lighting, to, Professional Audio, to, DJ Equipment, and much more in-between. 

View our range of products below. All products include a minimum of 12 months commercial-use warranty.

We are based in Sydney, where pickup can be organised. Although, fast delivery is included free with most items. 

If you would like to get in contact with us, you can either send us an email, or chat with us live during business hours (bottom right corner)

Equipment hire is available for the majority of the products listed below. Please get in contact with us if you would like to hire equipment.  

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BP1 Battery Uplight

The BP1 Par Can is the most universal lighting fixture. Its compact design makes it incredibly quick and easy to setup. It features a built in battery than can last up to 9 hours, and wireless DMX, that allows remote control.

✓ Completely Wireless. Battery Powered & Wireless DMX Control

✓ Up to 9 hours battery life on single colour

✓ RGBWA + UV High Efficiency LED's

✓ 3 Hour Fast Recharge

LW2 LED Moving Wash

The LW2 is a powerful DMX controlled LED moving head wash. The LW2 features:

✓ 36x 10w4-in-1 RGBW LEDs

✓ 8 built-in programs; 12-channel and 16-channel DMX control modes

✓ 540° of pan movement, 240° of tilt movement

✓ Variable beam angle from 10° to 50°

✓ Reversible Pan and Tilt control for inverted or mirrored operation

✓ Touch screen menu and controls

LPC1 LED Uplight

The LPC1 is a bright DMX controlled LED Uplight. The LPC1 features:

✓ 18x 3-in-1 RGB LED's

✓ Suitable for outdoor use

✓ Beam Angle: 28 degrees

✓ Weight: 3kg

✓ Modes: DMX Mode (4CH), Auto Mode, Single Colour, Macro Mode

LMMH2 LED Matrix Moving Head Light

The LMMH2 is a unique lighting fixture featuring a 6x6 multicolour LED matrix display.

✓ 300w Total Power Output

✓ 25x 12W CREE 4in1 LED

✓ Beam Angle: 7 degrees

✓ Modes: DMX, Auto Mode, Master/Slave, Sound Activated

✓ 50,000 Bulb Lifespan

LMB1 LED Moving Bar

The LMB1 is DMX controlled LED moving bar featuring 6x 40W RGBW LEDs

✓ 6x 40W RGBW LEDs

✓ Suitable for outdoor use

✓ Strobe Effect 

✓ Wireless DMX Compatible

✓ 17, 18, 20 or 39 DMX channels selectable (each LED individually controllable)

BMH1 Beam Moving Head

The BMH1 is an incredibly bright moving head with a sharp focus beam

✓ Powerfull 200w Philips Bulb

✓ 16CH DMX Control (Super Fast Pan-Tilt Servo)

✓ 540° Pan & 250°Tilt

✓ Wireless DMX Compatible

✓ 17x Gobos, Prism, and Colour Wheel

Other Accessories

Enttec DMXUSB Pro

The Enttec DMXUSB Pro is a powerful and reliable USB DMX host. It is compatible with a large array of DMX software packages, including Luminair for iPad. 

Wireless DMX

Wireless DMX Transmitter

DMX Transmitter supports lighting fixtures that support wireless DMX (which contain an inbuilt wireless DMX receiver)

Luminair on iPad: Image

Luminair iPad DMX Controller

Luminair for iPad is the best DMX controller app available for iPad. It allows for complete DMX wireless control. 

DMX Terminator

DMX512 Terminator

This adapter plugs into the last lighting fixture attached to a DMX chain. It removes interference on the chain, thus improving reliability.