The V3CW MPS Pop Up power point outlet is an automatic motorised variation of the standard MPS range of pop up units. Extract out of a kitchen bench-top or any desktop surface by the press of a button on the lid. Once the unit is closed, it provides a seal against water or spills that may occur around the lid.

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Kitchen Power Outlet

Kitchen Power Outlet V3CW

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra

Fast installation

Fits into a hole 95mm in diameter.

Kitchen Power Outlet Hole
Kitchen Power Outlet V3CW

Spill resistant

When closed, the V3CW features a water-sealed lid. Designed for kitchen bench-tops.

Wireless charging

Place your mobile phone on the top to charge it.

Kitchen Power Outlet Hole
Kitchen Power Outlet Cable

Plug and play

No electrical work. Each product comes with a 1.8m cable and plug to connect to power.

Sideways installation

The V3CW can be installed sideways. However note, it cannot be installed upside down - refer to the V14 for this.

Kitchen Power Outlet Sideways
Kitchen Power Outlet Specs

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

The V3C range has a large selection of ports. Always be ready to power your device when you need.

Elegant design, high quality build

Kitchen Power Outlet constructed with an extruded aluminium body and hardened-glass top.

V3CW Body

Data Sheet

Click here to download the data sheet for the V3CW. Download

Design with safety in mind

Overload protected, solid construction, plug & play, suitable for kitchens.

Safety First

Maximum output

2400w max rated, USB: 10W USB-A, 15W USB-C, 7.5W Qi Wireless

Kitchen Power Outlet High Speed


Seamless on your kitchen bench-top

Buy safe

Pop up power outlets are our bread and butter. We are here to help when needed.

Kitchen Power Outlet High Speed

The Best Kitchen Power Outlet recommended for: Kitchens or Offices

It’s the finer details that set the best homes and offices apart, there are many decisions to make when building or renovating your home or office – wall and carpet colours, tile designs, tap styles etc. It’s very time consuming. Many people won’t even give a second thought to their electrical installations. They assume there is nothing aside from the standard white plastic wall outlet.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
That’s why MPS pop up power points are revolutionising the way we access power in our kitchens, offices and other spaces. The days of searching for the perfect power solution are gone. Charge multiple devices simultaneously, quickly, simply and neatly with convenient Australian standard power points USB charging ports capable of charging most USB charging devices. Featuring a slim and compact design, the V3 is sure to set your space apart.

Product Information:

How to open: press and hold the top button for 3 seconds to 'wake up' the unit. Once the top button has lit up, press it again once to open or close the unit. The unit will automatically go to sleep after some time. This helps to prevent accidental opening/closing when placing your mobile device on the top for charging.

Technical Specifications
Model: V3CW
Country: Australia
Colour: White Top, Silver Shell, White Outlets
Materials: PVC, ABS & Aluminium
IP Waterproof Rating: IP54 (when closed)
Warranty: 24 months
Installation Hole Diameter: 95mm +/ 3mm
Space Below Surface: 370mm from top
Lifting Method: Motorised Lift - Single Touch Top
Available Stock: Ingleburn, NSW, Australia
Outlets: 2x AU Power Sockets, 1x USB-A, 1x USB-C
Individual Box Dimensions: 58.5 × 17.3 × 16.8 cm
Individual Box Weight (Gross): 2kg

Cable Length: 1.8m (Single Power)
Cable Type: IEC C13 / C14 H05VV-F [3*1.5mm2]
Plug: Au Plug (XH022B)
Degree of Protection: IP20
Rated Voltage: 240v ~50Hz
Rated Current: 10A, 2400w Total
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 C, 32 - 104 F
USB Charger: (internal, built in)
Input: 100-240V  ~  50/60Hz 0.5A
Output: USB-A: 5V2A   USB-C: 5V3A
Wireless Charger: Qi 10W (Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Android etc..)

Step 1: Bench-top hole: drill a hole in your bench-top, with the diameter according to the product specifications.
Step 2: Unscrew the locking ring around the body of the unit, and remove it altogether.
Step 3: Place the unit inside the hole in your bench-top.
Step 4: Screw back the locking ring around the body of the unit - from the underside of the bench-top, and tighten it securely.
Step 5: Connect the unit to power by plugging it into a power outlet under the bench-top.

Safety Information
Install and use this product with care. Please read the data sheet thoroughly before installation and carefully follow all instructions.

Do not use this product for any purpose or in any configuration not explicitly specified in this user manual. We hereby disclaim any and all liability for injury or damage from incorrect assembly, mounting or usage of this product.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this model spring-loaded? Does it automatically come up?
A. Yes, this model is motorised. The built-in electric motor allows the unit to raise and lower automatically by pressing the button on the lid.

Q. What happens if I have an issue with my product after the warranty period?
A. We’ve designed and tested these units for use over many years withstanding in a normal environment. If your product does develop an issue outside of the warranty period, we do provide an affordable repair or replacement service.

Q. Do you provide an after sales-service, and how do I contact you?
A. Yes, we provide an after-sales service. You can contact us via phone – through our ‘request a call back’ feature, where you give us your name and phone number, and we ring you back as soon as possible.

Q. Do I need a licensed electrician to install this product?
A. No, no electrical work is needed to install this product. We have designed the unit with a standard AU-fitted plug, allowing you to plug the unit into any other power socket – below your installation surface.

Q. What is the process in making a warranty claim if I have an issue with my product?
A. If your product malfunctions within the warranty period, we will repair or replace it free of charge. We keep digital records matched with product serial numbers for every order, so you do not need to worry about keeping your receipt.