Note: Drill bits ship separately from our other products at Modern Power Solutions and will arrive on their own. The delivery time remains 3-5 days.

Drill Bit for creating holes to install pop up electrical outlets in a wooden or stone surface. These come in a range of sizes between 60mm-120mm in diameter.


Drill Bits

Download: User Manual

Multiple Sizes Available:

  • 60mm Diameter (to suit V8 Range of Pop Up Power Points)
  • 65mm Diameter (to suit V3L Model of Pop Up Power Points)
  • 80mm Diameter (to suit V7, V5 Range of Pop Up Power Points)
  • 85mm Diameter (to suit V1 Range of Pop Up Power Points)
  • 95mm Diameter (to suit V3C Range of Pop Up Power Points)
  • 100mm Diameter (to suit V2, V6 Range of Pop Up Power Points)
  • 102mm Diameter (to suit the Point Pod range of Pop Up Power Points)
  • 120mm Diameter (to suit V14 Range of Pop Up Power Points)

Made from durable high speed steel, to fit any drill.

Bores perfectly smooth, flat bottomed holes. More accurate holes at any angle.

Note: the Diamond Tip variation does not have a center bit for alignment, so you will need to use either a drill press, alignment stencil or bore at a 45 degree angle first – for experienced users only.

Two types available:

  1. Diamond Tip: for rock, stone, tiles surfaces. Ensure water is flowing when using. For experienced tradesmen only.
  2. Wood: for wooden surfaces.

1. Remove the drill bit from packaging.
2. Unscrew the chuck to fit the stem.
3. Insert the stem of the drill into the drill chuck.
4. Tighten the chuck until the bit is held securely in place.
5. Test and ensure it is secure by powering up the drill.
6. Start using to create a hole into your desired surface.
Note: Make sure water is flowing when using with the Diamond Tip model

You may also be able to purchase these locally at a hardware store. See here