Last year we brought you the original Morath

The Morath set a new bar for electric scooters, rolling out  19km of continuous ride time and fifty-percent more muscle power than its competitors. Its innovative hub motor delivers a more efficient, maintenance free ride.  The carbon frame, provides from a lighter scooter and allows for increased torque taking performance to the next level.

The Super light weight carbon electric scooter breaks the limits of compact personal mobility, in a unique and fun way. With its Lightweight Design, you can take The Morath anywhere you go! – Perfect for those quick rides to work! LWES01: Image

The Morath is suitable and safe for all age groups both kids and adults. Everyone can enjoy the fun of the Morath! The Morath frame can fold flat, with the cylindrical bar becoming a handle allowing for easy handling.

We have developed two new versions of the Morath, meaning we now have personal transportation options regardless of what you want to use them for!

Looking for a personal light weight transportation device that doesn’t break the bank? The new LWES02, made from aluminum features an incredibly efficient and powerful high torque brushless AC electric motor which is incased in the front wheel of the scooter. The electric motor is powered by a compact 8800mAh lithium ion battery providing up to 19km of battery range. The digital instrument panel on the Morath electric scooter provides status information such as current speed, distance travelled, and battery level.

Are you looking for the ultimate personal transportation experience instead? The LWES04, made from carbon fibre features the same capabilities of it’s younger siblings (the LEWS01, 02 and 03)

LWES01: Image

however boasts even more! (Yes, It is possible!). The LEWS04 notable characteristics include a new and improved kickstand, a juiced up battery (10400mAh) allowing for up to 25km of range on a single charge*! and a shock absorber allowing you to travel seamlessly over any bumps or harsh terrain that you may be faced with.

Dare to twist the throttle and feel the thrill of the Morath.

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