Rodents HATE our unique 3 Wavebands Technology

Rid your home of pests using a combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and anion technologies — all completely safe and non-toxic.

Utilising the latest in micro-electronic technology, pest repel emits ultrasonic waves across 3 different Wave Bands.

This is the “magic ingredient” that prevents rodents from getting accustom to a specific waveband. This feature is not available in any other device and is the reason why pest repel truly works!

Good looks isn’t all that pest repel has to offer. Behind its stylish exterior, the latest in micro-electronic technology are delivering the left right goodnight punch that no rodent is able to withstand.

Pest Repel features a Powerful Ultrasonic Speaker, that provides protection of up to 150 M² of open space, per unit!

In addition to this, pest repel also offers 3 wave bands of protection. Researchers know that pests adapt to sounds, even unpleasant ones. To counter this, our repeller emits its sounds intermittently, across not one, but 3 different wave bands! As a result, no other device repels rodents as effectively and long term. From now on, rats and mice don’t stand a chance!

Pest Repel is Easy and Reliable – Once plugged in, the Rodent Repeller just works. The coloured LED provides visual feedback about the wave band it’s currently operating on.

Product: Pest Repel
Product: Pest Repel

In addition to this an in built test function, provides an audio feedback to assure you that it’s functioning as expected.

Built with professional grade electronics and features that are suitable for commercial use, this unit is attractive and stylish enough to be used anywhere in your home.

This unit utilises the latest in micro-electronics technology, delivering professional level rodent repelling function to any location. This device is built to provide a powerful, commercial grade protection against rodents of up to 150 m² in open space. This massive range is easily increased by installation of additional units.

Try the Pest Repel today, your family will thank you for it! – Click here to purchase yours today!

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