We are proud to announce that we are now official resellers of Kaptivo.

Kaptivo makes any whiteboard smart. It is a unique cloud-connected camera that transforms any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool for sharing and video conferencing.

Kaptivo: Installed

With over 50 million installed worldwide, we’re using dry-erase whiteboards more than ever for their immediacy, convenience and productivity benefits. Dry-erase whiteboards allow us to work fast and collaboratively, but there is no way to easily save or share the board content outside the conference room.

Kaptivo lets dry-erase whiteboards be seen beyond the meeting, easily integrating with any whiteboard already on the wall and any screenshare-enabled video conference system. Interactive whiteboard technology is clumsy and expensive, but Kaptivo is quick to install and effortless to use, making sharing and saving the whiteboard content simpler, easier and better.

Kaptivo uses advanced optics and image processing to automatically produce a clear, focused image of the whiteboard as if the viewer was square in front of it. Kaptivo’s image processing removes hands and arms of users working on or near the board to produce a high-fidelity digital whiteboard image.

No changes to the way you work, the way you present, or to your favorite whiteboard or colored pens!

Share the whiteboard live with all meeting attendees whether present in the meeting or not – over the phone or via video conferencing.

No scrambling to take notes from the whiteboard – attendees can give you their full attention as Kaptivo intelligently and automatically captures and organizes all your work as you go.

Enhance every whiteboard session with digital workflow and content security:Kaptivo: Demo

  • No need to wait for people to catch up with you before erasing the board  and moving onto the next thing
  • No need to worry about erasing something you wish you hadn’t
  • No need to leave “do not erase” post-its on the board after your meeting
  • Always be able to erase the board when you’re done
  • Only share your whiteboard content with people in your meeting.       

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